Psychedelic Art in Adobe Illustrator Session – 02

Frozen Corals Web-Cast 02

Hey guys! Here is the recording of my second Adobe Illustrator web-cast. Briefly I was about to create a very complex pattern brush to draw a bunch of giant oarfishes for my new fluorescent tapestry design “Frozen Corals”. So I’ve made the art but for some reason I don’t know yet it is impossible to convert it into a pattern brush =/. Anyway, check out the creative process!

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My first Art Streaming!

Frozen Corals Psychedelic Tapestry Fragment

Hey guys! I have not been posting for a while. A lot of things have happened and most of them were not art-related :) I’ve took a micro-stocking online strategy course that I’ve been waiting for so long! And now I’m trying to focus on making art for Shutterstock. It’s a great place for artists and designers to earn money while you are not doing much customer projects. Or it might even be your full-time occupation!

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Psilocybin World Photos in UV and Freebies

Psilocybin World Psychedelic UV-reactive Design Detail Photo in UV Light

Hey guys! I’ve took some photos of my new fluorescent backdrop design Psilocybin World that want to share with you. All photos were taken in UV light. As may notice they are quite different from the original digital artwork. Some parts look better in UV and some look better on the screen. But that’s the way fluorescent print works – you can never tell how it will look in the end. Specially when there are so many transparency effects.

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Shaman Forest Concept Art

Shaman forest header

Hey guys! Today I wanna share with you my latest artwork I did for my Shaman Universe project – Shaman Forest concept art. Basically it is going to be a psychedelic virtual reality environment for people to chill out in and watch some trippy visuals. Right now I’m in a very early stage of preparation. But I want to share the art I’m doing already and I’m more than open to hear your feedback!

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How to make a psychedelic seamless vector pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Hey guys! If you ever thought of selling your vector illustrations on microstock such as Shutterstock, you have probably noticed that seamless patterns are in very high demand. In my case psychedelic seamless vector patterns are among the most popular files in my 2800+ items portfolio. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create seamless vector patterns in Adobe Illustrator and if you want to know the secrete of how to grow your microstock portfolio real fast you can buy the extension of this tutorial for only $1!

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Psychedelic Yggdrasil the Tree of Life T-shirt Design

Hey guys! Today I’d like to present you my psychedelic vision of the World Tree Yggdrasil (also known as Tree of life). There is a wyrm (dragon) chewing the roots of the tree, a wise eagle on top of the tree and a squirrel Ratatoskr that brings the curses from the dragon to the eagle and back again. What a sophisticated way of communicating!

Check out the design and download a free high resolution wallpaper!

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