How to promote a party?

Event Promotion Guide - Preview

If you’re looking to throw a successful party, it’s important to know whether you want it to be private or public, and how to effectively promote it through social media, messenger groups, and offline promotion. Here’s a 2-page PDF guide on party promotion that covers everything you need to know to create hype and anticipation for your next event.

Private or Public?

The first thing you should decide is if your party will be private or public. There are pros and cons for both.

Private events give you way more freedom on designing the overall party and if you do an underground event you don’t want the police to know where the event takes place. But a private event certainly limits the potential revenue – unless you have already built a decent following. Growing private events can be a real challenge but it is absolutely doable. For example our Russian customers from one event production team manage to do private parties for 2-3 thousand people. It took them almost 20 years and a ton of work to get to these numbers but still – the result is there.

Event Promotion Guide - 2-Page PDF

Another party production team that we collaborated with in Israel was also doing private underground events for several years and they were so obsessed with having the right crowd at their events that they monitored who wanted to buy a ticket to a party and if they didn’t like the Facebook account of that person they wouldn’t sell a ticket. They did have great parties and it was always more for the community rather than for profit. So the point is private parties can be a great way to start doing events but if you want to do it as a business at some point you will probably want to do public ones too.

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