Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1 Release

Hey everyone! I continue walking my psychedelic art path and being a designer I’m also interested in creating new products that you guys can enjoy :) My last creation is Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1. Below there are some previews and a way to get a free copy of the pdf file :)

This books is a collection of 21 black&white ornaments I’ve made during a couple of last years that are ready to be printed on your home printer or in a printshop. You can colour them with any media – pencils, markers, paint – it’s totally up to you though I will recommend using something sharp ’cause there are lots of fine details.

I have also added quotes of Terence McKenna for contemplation during the colouring process. I believe it can be very productive process: focusing on art while thinking of something that most of us do not pay much attention regularly.

Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1 by Andrei Verner

Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1 by Andrei Verner

Psychedelic Ornaments Colouring Book 1 by Andrei Verner

The illustrations I’ve picked for this colouring book require different level of artistic skill to complete. You can grab a free copy of the pdf file if you subscribe to my newsletter or you can buy it for only $1!

I hope you will enjoy it and I will love to see your results! Everyone who adds a hashtag #andreiverner to an Instagram or Facebook post and sends me a link will receive my next colouring book pdf as a present. Here are my Instagram and Facebook pages to keep in touch.

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