Electric Cthulhu Freebies

Electric Cthulhu Psychedelic Freebies

Hey guys! How is it going? A couple of months ago when I decided to relaunch this blog and I thought it would be a good idea to create special monthly freebies packs of two parts – promotion materials – flyer, facebook cover and instagram post templates – and a desktop wallpaper – available for a limited time and only for the subscribers of my newsletter. Well… it turned out I can not keep up releasing freebies every month and after a short discussion with myself I decided to make those freebies public :)

Today I’m releasing Electric Cthulhu Freebies

This is one my first artworks when I’m experimenting mixing digital painting with vector art. To be honest I have not seen other artists using this technique so for now it’s pretty unique :) I have been working with vector art for 12+ years now and about a year ago I’ve started studying and using digital painting in my artistic process and I believe the combination of these two can be really powerful!

Promo Pack

As I’ve said the pack contains flyer, facebook cover and instagram post templates. You can use the promotion files both personally and commercially. But you can not sell these files or products with these files. No credit is obligatory though I will sure appreciate if you put somewhere a link to my site.

Electric Cthulhu  Promotion Pack by Andrei Verner

Psychedelic Wallpaper

You can use the wallpaper both personally and for exhibiting commercially on digital and print media.

Electric Cthulhu Psychedelic Wallpaper by Andrei Verner

If you like this artwork you can buy it with a 10% discount – the coupon code is inside the file to download – it is valid for all tapestries in my shop.

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