August 29, 2019

Lord Ganesha and Electric Eels Detailed Sketch

Lord Ganesha and Electric Eels - sketch

Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’d like to show you the final sketch I did for my Ganesh project and I’ve got a deal that I guess my long-time followers will appreciate :)

Below is the base for my new artwork. I really wanted not just to create a nice psychedelic image of Ganesh but also have some story within the artwork. You might know Ganesh is the remover of obstacles so here he is subduing the distracting thoughts and negative emotions in forms of these demonic eels. You can see some of them are more aggressive, some are smiling and some like the ones on the bottom look very interested in what Ganesh is capable of and they are ready to submit their powers to him.

Lord Ganesha and Electric Eels Detailed Sketch

It’s not very easy to see because of the black and white nature of the sketch but there is some sort of a spiky electric stroke around the eels and the strokes around Ganesh are calm and wavy and they eventually fill up all the space. With this I want to show the peaceful energy that dominates the Universe and transforms even the darkest thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

I will complete this artwork by the end of September and here is the deal I have for you. I’m starting preorder of the UV-tapestries with this design with a 30% discount. On September 10th the discount will drop to 20% and on September 20th it will be only 10%. Assuming you are familiar with my art and you know you can expect a great result it’s a great chance to get a copy of this artwork at a very reasonable price! There is a very good chance the prices on all my products will go up in a month so don’t hesitate!

All my tapestries are printed with fluorescent paint that glows really well in the UV light. They are sewed on the edges of the textile for extra durability and they have loops on every corner for easy hanging. The fabric and paint are strong enough to be washed in cold water.

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