List of legal and in most cases natural stimulators

From time to time everyone’s battery needs to be boosted. Here’s the list of legal and in most cases natural stimulators you can easily buy to enhance your productivity for a short (0.5 – 5 hours) period of time. Here’s the list of Caffeine-containing substances (Caffeine’s duration is 1.5 – […]

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Xsjado rollerblades

Living a life of a freelancer requires very little physical effort – you don’t need to go almost anywhere except business meetings and places to find food (supermarkets, cafe, restaurants, etc.). It’s obvious everyone needs regular exercise to be healthy enough to live pleasant life, but when you’re working 10-12 […]

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Focusing on life

It’s no secret that being a freelance designer/developer/photographer/copywriter/etc is kind of hard cause there are so many distracting things around and there’s no one to tell you that you have to focus on work except yourself. After almost three years of freelancing I’ve found out a nice and easy way […]

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