Draw with Jazza – a great art tutorials Youtube channel

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about one youtube channel I’ve been subscribed to for several months and I find it very useful. You might already heard about it ’cause it has more than 440 000 subscribers. Anyway, here it is – Draw with Jazza. Jazza is an artist from Australia who runs this educational channel.

I’ve stumbled upon it when I was looking for a tutorial on Copic markers that I’ve bought during my short trip to Amsterdam this summer. I do not remember the exact tutorial I’ve watched but the way Jazza explains everything is very clear and simple so I’ve decided to check out more of his stuff.

Jazza mostly focuses on character drawings and this was very cool in my case ’cause I lack a bit of understanding of human anatomy. I’ve studied it for 2 years in the university and I definitely have some vision and use it in my artworks but there is a lot to improve so I was very happy to see all these free tutorials. Besides Jazza seems to be a very open and nice person with a sense of humor and watching his tutorials is never boring.

Jazza creates some resources for sale and uses product placement in his videos which seems to be very reasonable. I’ve bought his Anatomy bundle and use it from time to time as a reminder. His anatomy booklet is pretty short and it covers the main parts of human body so it’s very easy to use and you don’t have to struggle through tones of information. Another thing I’ve bought was Animation Foundation 10+ hour video course. Being honest I have not finished it but I think I’ve watched more than a half of it and now I know I’m not going to make any animation in a near future ’cause it’s one hell of a job :)

Well I guess this is it. I’ve done with praising Jazza)) I hope this information would be useful for some of you guys. Cheers!

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