Happy Psychedelic New Year!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I have not updated for a while. Me and my wife have moved to Bali from Montenegro about a month and a half ago. First we’ve been living at our friends place – amazing Santa Mandala with almost no internet and now we’ve moved to a new place – another crazy location, much smaller but still very interesting. I’ll take some pictures next week and I’ll show ’em to you.

The year 2015 was great for me and I hope for you too! I’ve made some inspiring collaborative connections and I’m looking to make more projects with guys in future as well as meeting new people. So if you are up to something psychedelic, please drop me a line ;)

Today I’d like to wish you a great 2016 with tones of happiness and positive experiences! The artistic part of this post is going to be an artwork I did for Adam Rising New Year Party. Below are the poster and the Facebook cover adopted from the original poster art.

Adam Rising New Year Party psychedelic poster art by Andrei Verner
Adam Rising New Year Party psychedelic Facebook cover by Andrei Verner

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