Space traveler psychedelic fluorescent backdrop preorder

Hey guys! Sometime ago I’ve finished an artwork that was supposed to become an album cover but… not going too deep into details it did not. Still I like it very much and I’d like to print a fluorescent backdrop with this illustration. And I have a special preorder offer for you guys.

I have not printed this artwork before so it’s kind of an experimenting and the current price is $80 which means you get $20 discount. After I print the backdrop it’ll cost $100 per piece. On top of this you get a free shipping which will save you another $10.

Space traveler psychedelic fluorescent backdrop artwork by Andrei Verner

You can preorder the backdrop in my Etsy shop

The print on light textile will be done with fluorescent paint so it gonna glow in the UV (black) light.
It’s 1×1 meter (39,37×39,37 inch).

Perfect for party decoration or for a chill out space. The backdrop is equipped with loops on the corners so it’s easy to set up the deco.

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