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Wise Green Puer

Hey guys! Sometime ago I’ve made a t-shirt design with a green puer spirit face and I was thinking that some tea-shop might be interested in it. After I’ve sent a dozen of letters I had a very little response so I’ve decided to add this design to my RedBubble and Design by Humans portfolios.

Existence festival 2012 psychedelic trance flyer design

Hey people! Existence festival 2012 in Finland is coming soon. Within this post I’d like to show you the poster and flyer I’ve designed for this psychedelic festival.

List of legal and in most cases natural stimulators

From time to time everyone’s battery needs to be boosted. Here’s the list of legal and in most cases natural stimulators you can easily buy to enhance your productivity for a short (0.5 – 5 hours) period of time. Here’s the list of Caffeine-containing substances (Caffeine’s duration is 1.5 – 5 hours. More information about […]