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How to create concentric elements in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial is dedicated to creating concentric elements of an illustration. What do you might need them for? – They are very attractive and meditative! You can make such design just for fun or it can become a central element of you illustration. This tutorial describes the technique with help of Adobe Illustrator, but you can use any vector software ’cause the actions are very simple.

Psychedelic part of Jeff Miracola’s art

Jeff Miracola is a very well known illustrator. Hi’s doing his paintings and illustrations in a variety of styles and medium and he’s got tones of great art in his portfolio. Withing this post you will see the psychedelic part of Jeff’s art.

Free vector Valentine’s day card template

Yes, it’s almost a month ahead of Valentine’s day, but it’s better to start preparing earlier so you won’t have any headache on 14th of February ;)

This freebie is a Valentine’s day special. You can easily modify it with Adobe Illustrator CS to change the text.

Round Black Square

I don’t doubt most of you have seen Black Square by Kazimir Malevich or at least have heard about it. Lots of people find this painting genius and others find it stupid. For those of you who did not have history of arts course in school here’s the short explanation: the Renaissance artists believed classic […]