Travel blog May 2021 – March 2022.

We left Israel last May – literally the day the bombing started. Our flight was very early in the morning and after a few hours when we landed in Moscow, Russia Hamas started to bomb Israel. I guess we were just super lucky because our apartment in Tel Aviv didn’t have any secure rooms as it was simply built on a rooftop. And we had a 7-months baby with us so yeah… extremely lucky.

We spent the summer in Russia. It was a very productive time for our canopy project: I visited two open air festivals that my partner was decorating and we did a bunch of photo-shooting sessions of our small 3m-diameter canopies. That summer was perfect. And I really wanted to do it again this year but with the war Putin has started it looks like it will be years before we can come to Russia again.

Psytrance DJ-Stage Decoration - Hanuman, Mushroom God and Jungle Snakes Collections

On September 1st 2021 the temperature suddenly dropped from +24 Celsius to +13 and we instantly bought tickets to Tel Aviv. The escalation with Hamas was long gone so we felt very safe in Israel. We came there for about a month, caught up with friends and family, got our vaccines and such and went to Cyprus.

Staying in Cyprus was alright. I wouldn’t call it remarkable but it was nice that my mom, stepdad and brother could visit us so we had a great family experience. When they left it was again just 3 of us. We stayed in Larnaca most of the time. Went to the lake that was totally dry but by the end of October water was coming back – and flamingos as well!

Psytrance DJ-Stage Decoration - Kali in Acidland and Jungle Snakes Collections

In the early November we went to Malta and then to Barcelona. These were short few days stays but the contrast between the Middle East and old Europe was very sharp and inspiring.

Our next stop was the Tenerife island. We rented an airbnb a month before we were supposed to land but a few days before the flight it turned out our host didn’t have this apartment available for us. And it was close to Christmas and New Year so we booked an apartment in a resort surrounded by golf fields haha. There was not much choice. But to be honest we had a great stay there for about a month. Then we moved to another resort and before the flight we stayed for a few days in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Trippy Ceiling Decoration - Mushroom God Collection

Our 3-months stay in EU was coming to an end – we could only stay that long there without a visa with our Israeli passports. So we were thinking were to go next. We didn’t want to go to Israel yet so our 2 options were Egypt and Turkey. We ended up in Alanya and stayed there for about 1.5 months. The seascape from our apartment was absolutely amazing and I guess it will take a while before we have a similar one :)

We are going back to Israel in a few days and then we’ll see. After almost 13 years of a digital nomad lifestyle it’s kinda hard to imagine oneself living in one place for years. We stayed in Israel for about 3.5 years almost without going abroad and now we can’t stop moving around lol.

Trippy Ceiling Decoration - Winter Tale Collection

Update: we landed in Israel a few days ago. It’s so good to be back!

If you are a digital artist or run your own business online I would certainly recommend this lifestyle. It really keeps your brain fresh and you don’t get too attached to one place.

I guess my next travel update will be in another few months. But I will sure blog more about our decorations business so stay tuned ✌️

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