Growth Plan #1

This one was a long time coming :) I was talking a lot during the last year about the Lego-nature of our decorations – how you can easily connect elements and grow your collection over time. Today I am presenting you one of infinite “growth plans”. I want to show you how you can grow your collection within a year by investing $329.97 (+shipping) every 2 months in our decorations (3 UV-Diamonds size L).

So you start with 3 UV-Diamonds size L – these will be the base for you DJ-Stage. If you are happy with them and your are ready to embark on this journey you get another 3 UV-Diamonds and we send you a 3×1.5m lycra tapestry of your choice for free to support your goal ❤️ The 6 UV-Diamonds you have now will work as a UV-Hexagram canopy (6.3×7.2m / 252x288in at a safe stretch) and the large tapestry will be the DJ’s decoration.

With the other 3 UV-Diamonds you upgrade your DJ-stage so now you have a reasonable deco for the stage and a canopy. Next 3 UV-Diamonds get you closer to a hexagon shape for the canopy. And by repositioning the elements of the stage you will get a brand new look! Besides you will be probably getting different designs for the UV-Diamonds most of the times so you could rotate them from the stage to the canopy and back!

Now your hexagonal canopy is complete! Congrats! And with another 3 UV-Diamonds your stage is a real badass.- By that time I’m pretty sure you have a ton of ideas how you can rearrange your elements create mind-blowing decos for your future parties ✊

It will take you 1 year to gather this collection of 18 UV-Diamonds – not that long! Besides you will be using parts of during this time to host amazing parties for your friends and customers!

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