Decoration Project Evolution Update

So what’s next? It looks like the decoration project is kinda growing out of a toddler stage and more people are needed to work on it. So far it was two production teams – one in the US and one in Russia who were producing and shipping our orders. And I was doing everything else – the art, the design, website, Etsy, social media and the most important thing – customer service ❤️

Psychedelic Trance Party UV-Reactive Stretchable Lycra Decorations

Now I realize I can’t do all it on my own anymore and keep growing the project at the same time. So I thought I could look for a person who will do a bit of technical design and other stuff at our Facebook and Instagram. Surprisingly I got a few request to join the team and we started working with one of our customers! I’m so happy I didn’t hire some random freelancer from Fiver or Upwork but instead he is a user of our products and is a 100% culture fit .

So now the odds are higher we will be delivering more value to you guys within a given time than if I was doing everything myself.

Psychedelic Trance Party UV-Reactive Stretchable Lycra Decorations

But still there is a ton of things I want to do and only a number of hours within a day lol. The number 1 priority for the upcoming months will be developing an app that will help you visualize our decorations in different setups and locations. So the release of a new collection is a bit postponed.

I wanted to complete the new artwork that will be the base for the “Let it Be” collection by the end of June but it didn’t happen. With all the circumstances in mind the most realistic deadline will be the end of July. And then the lycra designs for this collection will follow.

Psychedelic Trance Party UV-Reactive Stretchable Lycra Decorations

In the meantime summer is rolling and we are getting more positive feedback from our customers using our decorations and it is super inspiring and it definitely motivates to continue our journey! Thanks again guys, without you it would have been all for nothing ❤️

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