In these times of uncertainty

It’s almost the end of our 12-Week-Year #10 – 2 more weeks to go. The first 8 weeks went more or less according to the plan we had. All products for the Winter Tale collection are now up and running and we launched a new product – personal portable sunshades.

Winter Tale - Psychedelic UV-Reactive Trippy Tapestry

But with this stupid war that Putin has started against Ukraine it looks like producing decorations from Russia is now becoming quite risky. Even though we can still produce them there is always a chance a recipients country might ban import from Russia.

?So I decided to put on hold the development of new types of decorations. It’s really sad because we have some very cool ideas that would certainly benefit our international psychedelic community.

Fire Fox - Psychedelic UV-Reactive Trippy Ceiling Decoration for Psytrance Parties

The good new is our production partners Glowtronics from the US are helping us with production of our stretchable lycra decos.

We will also be releasing more free Promotion Materials for your parties – a set for every collection we have. So you will have more tools to attract visitors to your events. And together with our UV-decorations the flyers and banners you use will be even more effective!

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