2021 Roundup

This year we served about 50% more customers than in 2020. It was challenging for me since I’ve never done so much customer support in my life ? And it was amazing! The relationships we’ve built with people from all across the globe are super important to us and I’m sure together we will build a better psychedelic experience for everybody in our amazing international community ❤️

In 2021 I came to Russia from Israel so we had a chance to take photography seriously and luckily started working with my old friend Саша Голикова who created many of these cool photos and videos your are seeing – and more will follow next year. OMG it’s such a pleasure to work with friends! Especially when you are trusting them and not trying to stand in their creative way ?

UV-Reactive Ceiling Decoration for Psytrance Party

Another photography-themed moment that I want to highlight is we’ve got soooo many pictures from our customers! Literally from all over the world – USA, Canada, EU, Israel, Russia, Japan, Australia and other places! It means a world to us and its the hard evidence that proves we are on the right path and that our customers love our products ?

Products-wise: we started working with new semitransparent materials. This part of our decorations will evolve in 2022 and will bring a new dimension to the experiences you are creating for your visitors, friends and family ?

UV-Reactive Ceiling Decoration for Psytrance Party

The other very important thing I wanted to tell you is we strengthened our partnerships with ANDY Productions in Israel and with Psychometrika lab. in Russia ✊ Not to mention our almost 10-year-long bonds with Fractalika and Global Sect Music?

Finally I want to thank again our printing partners – Fluor.Space – Fluorescent Art, Decor & Clothes and Glowtronics. And of course it all won’t be possible without our production

Next year we will continue creating amazing psychedelic art and producing super-high quality decorations for you guys! The next stop is the lycra products for the Winter Tale collection. You will see the designs and 3D-previews very soon ?

More giveaways will follow in 2022! By the way, there is one going on right now (see the previous post) so you have a day to participate both on Facebook and Instagram before I announce the winners on January 2nd ?

Happy New Year everybody!

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