July 3, 2020

Artistic plans for the Summer

Covid Werewolves - Header - by Andrei Verner

This week is the first week of my #4 12-week-year. It’s a great time-management system that I’ve been using during the last 9 months. Highly recommended¬†

Anyway, I’d like to tell you guys a bit about my artistic plans for the next 3 months.

First of all I’m going to complete my “Covid Werewolves” digital painting – most likely this week. Below is the current work in progress.

Covid Werewolves - work in progress - by Andrei Verner
Covid Werewolves – work in progress – by Andrei Verner

After I’m going to return to one artwork I’ve started about a year ago (featuring Lord Ganesh) but something went wrong I have totally put it aside. I’m not a big fan of such attitudes but what’s done is done lol.

Lord Ganesha and Electric Eels - sketch
Lord Ganesha and Electric Eels – sketch

Finally I have a badass concept I’m keeping in secret for now (haha) that I’ll be working on in August I guess.

What are you guys up to? Do you have any artistic plans for the near future?

P.S. Just realized there is another thing on my list that is going to be completed soon – a very special one :) Stay tuned 

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