Mystic Spores Tunnel at Waldfrieden’s Wonderland Festival

Mystic Spores Tunnel at Waldfrieden's Wonderland 2023

How we started working with Waldfrieden

It all started in May 2019 when I reached out to Waldfrieden with a proposal to do a gallery with my UV-Tapestries. We didn’t jump right into doing a gallery but Mo from Waldfrieden asked if I could do animated banners for their festivals – Hai in den Mai and Wonderland. I surely agreed and everybody was happy with the results (see below).

Hai in den Mai 2020 - festival Facebook event cover - by Andrei Verner

For more details on these artworks check out the blog post from 2019. There is a bunch of sketches and work in progress shots.

So after the illustration projects were completed Mo connected me with Bastian and we agreed that I’m bringing my prints to do a gallery at Hai in den Mai 2020. And then COVID hit and the festival was postponed, and then it was postponed again, and again and by the time it was actually live I couldn’t make it to the festival.

It was already 2022 and by that time our decorations project has grown a lot since I started it in early 2020 so we agreed with Waldfrieden that we will be decorating some part of the Wonderland festival in 2023.

Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival 2020 - Facebook Event Cover - by Andrei Verner

Time passed by, I brought a bunch of decor to Serbia to work with Global Sect and a couple of months later I took this set to Germany. It was literally my first time coming to Germany but luckily our customer Justin from Visual Tribe agreed to help me with getting around in the new country and with actual mounting of the decorations at the festival. The trip from Belgrade to the festival grounds took more than 12 hours and I was very happy to crash in our tent.

Putting up the decorations

Next morning we met Bastian who introduced us to Nico who was helping us loads with putting the main rig for our setup and gave some great advice on the mounting process. We will most likely release infographics with his comments later this month. A few hours later Kilian from Voidrealm Kollective (also our customers) joined us to help with the setup process.

It took us something about one day and a half to complete the setup. First day we did most of the work and the day after we finalized it with some minor but important touches like doing a layered wall with Sporelino and Fungocchio faces behind our semitransparent mesh petals.

During the festival

We did a great job securing the setup and the guests of the festival were very accurate so the decoration stayed there for 3 days without any problems.

In the mean time I was occasionally helping our partner from Fractalika shop with some random tasks. We have been working together for over 10 years now but we rarely meet offline so this was a real pleasure to hang out with Eva (the mastermind behind Fractalika) and her sister who was helping her this summer during the festival season in Europe.

Taking down the decorations

The festival ended on Monday morning and I had a few hours to take everything down before going to Berlin to chill at Justin’s place before the next day flight. I wouldn’t call it a surprise but what took us ours to put up only took 1-1.5 hour to take down.

Rental Service update

About a week before the festival me and DJ Adept who runs the Global Sect Music label agreed to end our rental service collaboration (check out the post about a party we did in June) due to a number of reasons. Luckily Justin from Visual Tribe was happy to work with us. In the next couple of weeks we will finalize all of the agreements and our rental service will go live in Germany!

Are you looking for decorations to rent?

The set we have in Berlin now is good for decorating a party of 150-250 people. More decorations will be available for rent most likely in September – the ones from the Chimera Protocol Halloween collection that is now being developed. If you have any questions please email me at or reach out via Facebook or Instagram. I will be happy to answer your questions! ❤️

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