Chimera Protocol – New Halloween Collection

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Summer is getting closer to its end so it’s time to design a new Halloween collection! This time it is going to be a biomech Giger-inspired art.

Below you can see the reference images we generated with MidJourney. The designs for the new collection won’t be exactly like these images – we are only using them to get inspired and find some nice artistic patterns that can be rethought and adapted for the party decorations.

Here are the first sketches of the biomech shapes. They will be traced into vectors, polished with some extra details and then they will be parts of larger compositions.

Chimera Protocol - New Halloween Party Decoration Collection - Monster Body Parts Sketch

Speaking of compositions, we decided to make this collection first of all about DJ-Stages. We want you to be able to create super dope monsters to blast the parties! So this time Hexagon elements will have monster faces, Triangles will be joints, Diamonds will be claws and Petals will work as bones.

Below is a bunch of layouts that use the same elements but form differently shaped monsters. For $890 you will get a ton of visual content!

To celebrate the start of designing process we just released the “Chimera Protocol” Party Promotion Pack. You can get access to it after you get our Free Membership Plan. If you already have it, don’t forget to login on our website to make the promotion materials available for adding to cart. Then you simply check out with them and get the files from the Download tab in your account.

Chimera Protocol Psychedelic Trance Party Promotion - Instagram Post Template

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