Chimera Protocol – Update

CP-HX01 - Chimera Protocol - UV-Hexagon - Design Preview - Header

We are working hard on creating the 2023 Halloween collection “Chimera Protocol” and in this post we want to show you the first 3 elements! And there is a bonus in the end of the post :)

So, this collection is all about sci-fi and Giger-ish biomech creatures. The decorations are being designed in a way so that you would easily create different monsters using our UV-Hexagons, UV-Petals, UV-Triangles and UV-Diamonds. Check out this post to see different layouts that you can use to create ’em.


Below is our first UV-Hexagon for this collection – CP-HX01. It’s is more robotic than the other two that are now currently in production. One will be more human-like and the second will be in a more marine theme with tentacles and such.

CP-HX01 - Chimera Protocol - UV-Hexagon - Design Preview


And bellow is the corresponding UV-Petal – Cyber Nexus. As you can see it’s more mech rather than bio.

Cyber Nexus - Chimera Protocol - UV-Petal - Design Preview

For our human-like hexagon that will be released later we created the “Neuro Hybrid” UV-Petal. It has more intricate details and it’s a bit more complex than the “Cyber Nexus”. Still the color scheme and the general style is pretty much the same so it won’t be a problem to combine them to create some rad Halloween UV-Canopies for a party in a club or at home!

Neuro Hybrid - Chimera Protocol - UV-Petal - Design Preview

These decorations are not for sale just yet. They will be available within the next couple of weeks – most likely before September 20th. Our production time now is 8 business days on average and the delivery to the most remote locations like Australia and New Zealand is usually around 10 business days so if you place your order in late September or very early October you will certainly have the decorations by Halloween.

The Bonus

We just released the “Cyber Nexus” Party Promotion Pack for you to promote your Halloween party! You can get access to it after you get our Free Membership Plan. If you already have it, don’t forget to login on our website to make the promotion materials available for adding to cart. Then you simply check out with them and get the files from the Download tab in your account.

Cyber Nexus - Party Promotion Template - Instagram and Facebook - Event Post

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