Focusing on life

It’s no secret that being a freelance designer/developer/photographer/copywriter/etc is kind of hard cause there are so many distracting things around and there’s no one to tell you that you have to focus on work except yourself. After almost three years of freelancing I’ve found out a nice and easy way to prevent unimportant actions and improve needed ones.

1. Ask yourself: What am I doing this for?
You should be very honest answering this question.
For example: I’m writing this post to help others, to promote myself, to improve my writing skill.
This is obvious but you might forget about some of these reasons and this action will not reach all the goals.

2. Stay focused on your action
Pay maximum attention to whatever you are doing.
For example: If you’re walking in a park look at the trees, birds, squirrels, feel your legs moving and lungs breathing. Don’t think about your work or a friend you are going to meet in this park. There’s no sense of going walking if you are dreaming of something else. The same applies to any other action. Even if you find a task boring try to concentrate on it. As a result you’ll finish it faster and more efficient rather than if you were trying to ignore it while doing.

I hope this short tip will be useful. You can also download a my “Focus on work” wallpaper from Smashing Magazine.
Focus on Work wallpaper by Andrei Verner

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