Making dull work interesting

All of us face dull work time to time. Here are some options how to avoid negative feelings about it.

  • Delegate it to someone
    It might look simple, but you are still responsible for the result and you have to pay the person for this work. If you’re a good manager and you have reliable workers this might be an option for you.
  • Make yourself believe this work is not dull
    This option requires a bit of imagination, but if you can explain yourself why the actions you have to do are exciting or important it can work. Just remember to remind yourself from time to time. An easy and comfortable explanation of almost any action – you gain more experience and you become more skilled in it.
  • Find new ways to solve the problem
    “Dull” usually means that you have done this action a lot of times before. Look for new solutions – these could be some software features you have not tried before. Check out tutorials related to your task.
  • Add some distraction
    In my previous post I’ve written “Pay maximum attention to whatever you are doing“. This can be kind of hard while doing dull work. If you really hate what you’re doing – turn the speakers on, listen the music you love. If can perform desired actions and think of something else – do it! If you have some future plans it’s a good time to think about ’em. But of course this adds the risk of doing that dull work not so good.
  • Stimulate your body
    Anything containing caffeine might work – most popular substances are coffee, tea and coke. Sugar is an important component to keep your brain active. Yerba maté is also a great legal stimulant that might help. Don’t take too much whatever stimulant you choose – otherwise you’ll stop doing the dull work and go to the park ;)

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