October 25, 2011

Reasons for psychedelic art

Hey guys! This post is dedicated to benefits of doing psychedelic art. They are quite obvious, but they can definitely encourage you to spend more time painting and drawing. If you have never tried doing psychedelic art check out this list get into action!

Psychedelic art makes you high

Psychedelic art makes you high

Any sort of creative activity can make you happy. Doing trippy art can put you in a trance. Sure it is not as easy as doing drugs. But if you believe in yourself and you don’t mind spending some time, you’ll definitely enter the shamanic state of creation.

No one can judge you

No one can judge you

The very important thing about psychedelic art is that it is inside every person. You don’t need any special skills to do it. The result is totally unpredictable and it should not be realistic. This is why there is no criteria to judge upon. Of course some people do art better than others. If you are afraid of critics simply do not expose your artworks. Anyway no one can take the joy of creation away from you.

Psychedelic art makes other people smile

Psychedelic art makes other people smile

Another reason to do psychedelic art is to help other people remember the happy moments of their lives. Vivid colors and liquid shapes can remind of joy and ecstasy. Unreal objects and scenes might resemble the wonderful dreams.

It is safe

Psychedelic art is safe

Unlike drugs doing art itself can not drive you insane. You can not injure yourself unless you are carelessly cutting wood or spray paint without a mask. You can not physically injure others. Well… maybe you can affect epileptics with too intensive animation, but they are usually cautious and avoid such type of content.

Psychedelic art is legal

Psychedelic art is legal

Drawing crazy shit does not mean you are doing it. Depicting cannabis, magic mushrooms, acid and whatever else does not mean you are selling or producing it physically. Nobody will lock you up for depicting banned substances.

What other reasons come to your mind? You are very welcome to comment!

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May 5, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Hey Andrei. I am using one of your pictures on my blog at this post if that is ok:

The blog is 100% non-profit and I will include a link to here and a shoutout and special thanks to you. If this is not good for you, please email me and I will immediately remove (

Thank you for making this art it is beautiful!! If you’d like to showcase more on our site, please email me and I will love to show off your stuff.


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