Kickstarter LSD, MDMA, DMT, THC, and Psilocybin project

Hello psychedelic people! Today is a very special day ’cause of two things. First I’m introducing you the new category in my psychedelic art and design blog – Community. Within this category I’m going to write about events and community projects you can participate in.

The second thing is the first psychedelic community post. Check it out before it’s too late!

Several days ago Jeremy from Shamanic Harmonics told me they are launching a “Make LSD, MDMA, DMT, THC, and Psilocybin with us!” project. The guys want to order tones of molecule patches, but the amount of number of printed copies should be vast to make every single patch production cheap. So Jeremy invites everyone to cooperate!

Because this project is based on the buying power of the community, we are able to offer pre-production prices that are lower than ever before, and may not be seen again, simply due to the high order volume this will generate. It makes our production costs significantly lower, allowing us to pass the savings to those who help co-create the dream.

Here is a video presentation of this project:

The goal is to reach $8000 by November 15th. It looks very realistic, so don’t miss a chance to help fellow psychedelic people, make a profitable deal or simply get a bunch of cool Christmas presents for your friends and family!

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