Alien Enlightenment UV-Canopy

Space Skulls and Alien Galaxy Canopy Petal Design UV-Reactive Print

Hey guys! What’s up? I continue my quest to help you becoming the shamans of your tribes by creating a special psychedelic environment your friends will love. Today I’d like to share with you the previews of the new UV-reactive canopy project.

Alien Galaxy and Trippy Alien Canopy Petal Design UV-Reactive Print

The designs for this small 5,5 meters diameter UV-canopy are based on the Alien Enlightenment artwork. Right now there are 4 different designs of petals. These 4 designs make 10 variations of the canopy with slightly different ambience. 

The Alien Enlightenment artwork was designed for dark, night-spy and hiTech events so if you are into the darker side of the psychedelic culture this canopy is definitely for you! It has a perfect mix of geometrical space patterns, biomechanical Giger-like shapes and spooky skulls that will give your psychedelic trip the intensity for strong-minded psychonauts.

The beta version of my canopies has black rubber edge for extra toughness of the petals and 12 small carabiners on every petal for super-easy connection and 20 meters of rope for mounting the canopy. Since this project is in beta stage you have an opportunity to buy this trippy canopy with a 20% discount using the coupon code BETACANOPY20POFF. The offer is limited and it will end once the beta version is well tested so take your chance!

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