UV-Reactive Canopy Beta Version

Golden Buddha Temple & Deep Sea - Psychedelic UV-Reactive Canopy

Hey guys! What’s up? As you might know I’ve launched a new product-line recently. Now I’m not only producing UV-reactive tapestries but also UV-reactive canopies! I have recently got my copy of Golden Buddha Temple and Deep Sea 12-petals canopy from Moscow, Russia where the production is located.

I have tested the canopy at a Goa-Trance party here in Tel Aviv where I’m located. The alfa version of the product is very simple. The petals are sewed over the perimeter and have 10 rubber loops attached to connect the pieces and and to tie them to the walls. Below are few photos from the club.

And these are photos of the same canopy on my rooftop in the daylight and at night in the fluorescent light.

The beta version of my psychedelic UV canopy will be sewed with a rubber band across the perimeter for extra strength. Plus instead of loops the canopy will have small metal carabiners for easy connection.

I will be very happy to help you creating a psychedelic space your tribe will love so I have a special offer for beta users of my canopies20% discount on every design I have. To get the discount use the coupon code BETACANOPY20POFF. The offer is limited and it will end once the beta version is well tested so take your chance!

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