Pangea Gathering

Andrei Verner's Psychedelic UV-Art at Pangea Gathering

Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’d like to share with you some of the pictures from Pangea Gathering that took place in Tel Aviv in February. I was decorating some parts of the Gagarin Club where event took place and I have also set up my Shaman’s Hut – the special chill-out space.

The stage decoration was created by The Colors of Yantra – the guys who were doing the party.

Pangea Gathering - Stage Design by The Colors of Yantra

I took over one side of the stage with a huge 2,5 by 5 meters tapestry Enlightenment – 3 Adepts.

Pangea Gathering - Enlightenment - 3 Adepts - UV-Reactive Tapestry by Andrei Verner

And on the other side I’ve put Epic Underwater Kingdom and Alien Enlightenment – both 1,5 by 3 meters big.

Pangea Gathering - Epic Underwater Kingdom - UV-Reactive Tapestry by Andrei Verner
Alien Enlightenment Psychedelic UV-Reactive Tapestry Fluorescent Backdrop

But the most exciting part of the decoration was the Shaman’s Hut. It’s a small geodome I have created using PVC pipes and covered with my UV-reactive prints on lycra.

Pangea Gathering - Shaman's Hut by Andrei Verner

At first it was supposed to be some sort of a shop where I would be selling my tapestries but it has turned into a chill-out area very fast. I did not want to ruin people’s experience and I was hardly selling anything there. 

People were really enjoying this space and I felt like I need to do it on the next open air party I will go to. Unfortunately with this stupid COVID everything has kinda frozen here in Israel but it simply means I have more time to prepare and bring even more joy to the party-people in future!

Pangea Gathering - Shaman's Hut by Andrei Verner

If you like my art and want to transform your personal space into awesome psychedelic environment check out my UV-reactive canopies! They are designed to fit into a room up to 10 by 10 meters, they are very easy to set up and they will be a perfect house-party decoration while clubs around the world are being shut down :)

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