Fatal Fart – vegan t-shirt design

This one is dedicated to global warming problems. Specially to the animal food stock which is the main cause of gas emissions. Those of you who have not seen Cowspiracy please take some time to do that. If people don’t want to cut their meat, dairy and eggs intake for the sake of animals they should do it for their own safety.

I’ll just leave you with some some facts:

You can find a list of articles to read about impact of animal agriculture on Cowspiracy web-site.

Fatal Fart vegan t-shirt design by Andrei Verner

What can you do about it?

The most reasonable thing I believe is going 100% vegan. Still this is not an option for everyone. From my experience it takes time. I have not got rid of dairy and eggs consumption yet but I’m working on it :) So I would recommend you slowly shifting your eating habits. Gradual change will most likely become a healthy habit rather than some heroic effort that you won’t be able to make daily.

Regarding this t-shirt design

I’m going to donate 20% of the profit I make selling these tees to Veganuary – a project that helps people switching to plant-based diet. You can click on the images below to get to my Design By Humans shop to buy different apparel with this design.

Fatal Fart vegan man's t-shirt design by Andrei Verner

Fatal Fart vegan woman's tank top design by Andrei Verner

Thanks in advance! :)

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