Lord Hanuman at the Mystery Spot

Lord Hanuman UV-Reactive Tapestry at the Mystery Spot Party

Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’d like to share with you some pictures of the open-air party in Israel where I’ve exhibited my Lord Hanuman uv-tapestry for the first time.

Mystery Spot HiTech/Psycore party

It was a relatively small gathering of 200-250 people devoted to HiTech/Psycore trance music in an Israeli forest. When you say forest in English or I think in any other language you usually think of some cozy green foliage, maybe a little wet depending on the season, but in Israel forests are tough. Sure we have pines here but we also have a lot of spikes everywhere – trees, dry grass-like plants, bushes – you name it!

Tough Israeli forest plants

But locals don’t care much about the harshness of nature and they simply enjoy the music and the dance for 12 hours straight :)

Mystery Spot HiTech/Psycore party in the morning

I’m personally not a big fan of psycore trance but this time it really kicked in! We had two amazing artists – Xikwri Neyrra from Mexico and Yaminahua from Switzerland – and both sets were amazing even though I was really tired and fell asleep a couple of times (sorry guys, I couldn’t help myself).

So my part in the party was helping Anton from The Colors of Yantra to set up the shade when we came at night and exhibiting my Lord Hanuman uv-tapestry. The shade was relatively minimalistic but it was still working and it turned out I really enjoyed taking pictures of it after the party :)

The tapestry worked very well during the night time. I’ve also brought a UV-LED-strip to lighten it a bit more. Below are the pictures of Xikwri Neyrra with my uv-tapestry.

Xikwri Neyrra and Lord Hanuman
Xikwri Neyrra and Lord Hanuman

So thanks again to the Mystery Spot crew for making this great event happen! Their next event will be in December and I really-really wanna come and bring more of my art for people to enjoy along with the powerful HiTech/Psycore trance music!

If you are also a part of the international trance-family and you do parties or you just love psychedelic art and want to have a UV-print for yourself check out my Psychedelic Art Shop! I have a collection of over 40 designs that I print with UV-inks and ship worldwide :)

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