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Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’d like to talk a bit about money and one cool promotion pack :) From time to time people are asking me how much do I charge to create a flyer or poster for their parties. Back in the days I was totally fine creating a unique artwork for one time use for as low as $70-80 but these days are long gone and now my usual price for illustrations (that are the core of any flyer) is something between $200 and $400. Unfortunately most of event promoters can not afford to spend this much on a flyer design so at some point I came up with a solution that seams to fill this gap.

You probably know I have a massive collection of psychedelic artworks that I sell as UV-reactive tapestries. So now when a person is on a low budget I usually suggest using one of my existing artworks as a base for the party flyer. With me working on the text layout the price drops to $80-100 depending on how much work should be done. This is definitely a win-win situation :)

Yet I thought this is not enough and I decided I will slowly but firmly build a collection of Party Promotion Packs with my psychedelic designs that anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop can easily edit and use for their projects for a very reasonable price of only $19.99

Yesterday I have released my first bundle – Enlightenment Psychedelic Trance Party Promo Pack.

Here is a list of what’s inside the pack:

  • A5 300dpi Flyer Template PSD file
  • Facebook Event Template PSD file
  • 1500x1500px Instagram Post Template PSD file
  • 1500x1500px Instagram Featured Artist Post Template PSD file
  • A4 300dpi Timetable Template PSD file
  • Fully editable text layers
  • Readme file with links to the free fonts used in this promo pack and a 10% discount coupon code for fluorescent backdrops in my shop!

If I’ve missed something that should be a part of this and all my future promotion packs feel free to comment this post!

I really wish this initiative will help new psychedelic trance promoters attract more visitors to their events so the trance culture will continue growing not only as big festivals but also as small family-style gatherings yet with high quality promotion materials :)

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