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Hey guys! What’s up? Today I wanna show you the highlights of my Inktober 2019. In case you don’t know Inktober is an annual art challenge that has started in 2009 by Jake Parker as a personal thing but it has grown really big during the last 10 years. The idea is you should draw something every day and every year there is official list of daily themes that everyone follows.

Last year I was doing digital art for Inktober while I was developing my digital painting skills and this year I decided to go traditional – using pencil, eraser, liners and one brush-style marker.

What I’ve learned after participating in Inktober 2018 was it’s way better to have some concept that will unite all these illustrations otherwise it’s way harder to come up with something totally new every day. So this year I decided to go with some mushroom characters. I was always denying myself the pleasure of drawing just bold mushrooms thinking it’s way too niche. Now I could finally let go and come up with some nice results!

Here are the ones that I like the best. You can find my other entries in my Instagram and on my Facebook fan page.

Tomorrow night me and my wife are flying to the UK for short 10 days trip and to be honest I have no idea how I am going to keep up with the challenge but I will do my best. I’m only taking a smartphone with me and since I’m trying to stay away from Facebook I don’t have it on my phone the only place where you can find my new Inktober entries will be Instagram.

Finally, I’m running a Halloween Sale in my shop – 20% off everything with coupon code HALLO2019 – and some of my shroomy characters are featured on the banner LOL

Halloween Sale UV-Reactive Psychedelic Tapestries and Backdrops Shop
Halloween Sale UV-Reactive Psychedelic Tapestries and Backdrops Shop

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