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Dream Catcher Preview

Dream Catcher Poster

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to show you one of my recent psychedelic posters I did for Luba Evans. Luba writes plays and this the art for the one that is called Dream Catcher. Luba is one of a kind customer. The subjects she gives me and the amount of details she certainly knows should be present always blow my mind. I really love working with her even sometimes I feel totally drained :) The results are worth the effort! Luba, thank you once again for such a great collaboration!

Here is the final artwork. You can click it to see the bigger version. Just in case you are curious, it is 100% vector artwork.

Dream Catcher Poster Art by Andrei Verner

And this is an alternative colour version which is also kind of cool but not as complete as the image above. The middle is a pen

Dream Catcher Alternative Colours Poster Art by Andrei Verner

Dream Catcher Facebook Event Cover

Below is the adaptation of the original artwork in the format of a Facebook event cover. This one should definitely be viewed in full mode, so click it! Otherwise lots of details are lost :) If you are in Mexico by any chance and your are interested in seeing this play, here is the Facebook event with all the information you might need.

Dream Catcher Facebook Event Cover by Andrei Verner

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