Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketches – Digital Paintings

Shaman’s Hut Sketch Preview by Andrei Verner

The Accident and the Rule of 20-80

Hey guys! Long time no see? Huh? Well, I had some hard reasons. Long story short I’ve got a light concussion after a car accident on my way from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The car is wasted but me and my wife are relatively OK. It was my first car accident and my first concussion in this life so it is quite an interesting experience :)

The most unusual thing I’ve faced is my body and mind have less force than usual. For example I have not turned on music for the last 3 weeks simply because it takes too much energy from me. Plus I can not spend as much time in front of my laptop as I’ve used to. Which is actually cool. Now I spend more time contemplating on things I’m about to do and when it comes to execution I do it faster and hopefully more efficient.

This strategy I have to use now looks a lot like the rule of 20-80: the 20% of your effort gives you 80% of result. And the funny thing is I’ve read a book on increasing productivity once where the author was also talking about this 20-80 rule. She was very ill but she still had to work so she had to optimise her performance. I totally understood the concept but now I can feel it haha! Those of you lucky enough to know Russian can check out this awesome book.

Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketches

But this post is not only about my strange condition! I’d like to show you some sketches I did for my Shaman Universe project. Which certainly needs another name cause this one is already taken and honestly it is too broad. So the thing I’m working on now is the shaman’s hut concept. It is going to be a place for collective and individual experiences. I won’t go into any details for now ’cause I have to do more sketching first to be sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Please, feel free to comment these quick-drawings. I’d love to know what you like about them and what not. I know they are pretty raw but the difference is quite obvious.

Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketch 1 by Andrei Verner

Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketch 2 by Andrei Verner

Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketch 3 by Andrei Verner

Shaman’s Hut Concept Sketch 4 by Andrei Verner

Finally I’d like to recommend an amazing tutorial on digital painting – Painting with confidence – it has a blue character head on the cover. It has inspired me to switch to this technique. And another thing I’d like to show you is a small mood board I’ve made for my shaman’s hut.

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