The Printful Review – All-Over Shirts

The Printful Review - All-Over Shirts

The Printful Review

Hey guys! This post is going to be a relatively short The Printful review. I’ve stumbled upon ’em about a year ago when looking though Shopify plugins list. The Printful has got my attention ’cause they connect your Shopify store with their print on demand service so you literally just add products to your store and they do all the production and delivery. Customer service is still your business but that’s not that bad :). Anyway, below is my review of The Printful‘s All-Over Shirts.


One side print is $21 and two sides print is $26. Which is pretty nice since you don’t have to order any bulk.

Textile Quality

T-shirt I’ve got is quite alright. It can not be brilliant ’cause in order to make the sublimation full print the T-shirt has to be synthetic.

Print Quality

The main part of the t-shirt is almost perfect. The colours are very close to my design. The positioning of the image is not very precise but I don’t bother. There are so many details in my design so you won’t pay too much attention to symmetry. Still I will not recommend printing designs that are based on geometry and symmetry with this service.

The Printful Review - All-Over Shirts. Front Print.

The Printful Review - All-Over Shirts. Back Print.

Blank Areas

The Printful warns that the print will have some blank spots. Which is very nice of them :) The real bummer are the arm-pits. The t-shirt is already sewn before printing so there are some folds here and there that are not filled with ink. Well… this is the price you pay for a print on demand all-over t-shirt for such a nice price. The only thing you can do is keeping in mind the arm-pits issue while creating the design for a future t-shirt.

The Printful Review - All-Over Shirts. Arm-pit blanks.

The Printful Review - All-Over Shirts. Shoulder blanks.


The first t-shirt I’ve ordered had gone off the postal tracking radar so I’ve sent an email to the support. The response was very quick and they’ve offered me a full refund or sending one more t-shirt with better delivery options. For me this is a clear sign of professionalism.

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