How to start a personal art collection

Hey everyone. This is another lifestyle post and the topic is collecting art. Being honest I’ve never thought of it before till few days ago when I’ve found out about (guys who connect collectors and artists). So here are my thoughts on how I would start a collection myself.

First things first so I will pick up a theme first that I love. Obviously it is going to be psychedelic art. And then I will make a list of artists I like that much that will be happy to see their artworks in my house every day. Here are the ones who come to mind (I know it is very mainstream but I don’t care): Alex Grey, Chris Dyer and Randal Roberts.

Godself by Alex Grey

Each of them have a store and it’s easy to purchase prints and apparel with their artworks. I really would not buy original artworks in the beginning of the collecting process ’cause they are too pricy and I might lose interest in a month or two, so why invest too much before there is a feeling it is worthy.

Bromance by Chris Dyer and Randal Roberts

The other thing that is important in my case is mobility – me and my wife travel a lot and we don’t have a permanent home where I could keep the collection. This is why I would prefer buying textile backdrops with the prints of my favourite artists that can be easily transported. But I guess those three painters I’ve mentioned don’t have this option. Anyway if I had a goal to get some uv banner from an artist that does not sell ’em I would contact him and ask if he could produce one for me with the help of Space tribe – a fluorescent print shop that can do this kind of printing.

T-shirts and other apparel can be also a part of my collection. I might even push it further and store each t-shirt I have in a frame on the wall! This might look pretty cool :) And when I travel somewhere I can easily take my collection.

It is also nice keeping in mind that by purchasing from artists you support them and you establish some connection depending on the amount of money you spend (ha-ha). No, seriously, I feel very grateful to everyone who buys my t-shirts and backdrops even I don’t meet every buyer in person.

I know this is a very amateur lazy ass collector advice but this is where I would start from! have their own post about how start a collection that covers some other aspects of the process. Check it out too :)

And if you’d like to support me and to buy some fluorescent uv-reactive t-shirts and textile backdrops look through my Etsy shop.

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