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Lenin. By Marina Nozyer
Photo by Marina Nozyer.

Continuing the series of my Preparing for a trip posts (1, 2, 3) here is a list of sites you might want to use to get statistics on different subjects in different countries around the globe.

    This site gives you information about average download and upload internet speed all over the world. You can zoom the map and check out the lists of internet providers in particular cities. In my opinion, you’d better divide the results by 2 or 3 to get more realistic numbers.
  • Numbeo
    Numbeo is the largest free Internet database about cost of living worldwide. You can find the costs for restaurants, markets, transportation, utilities, etc. It is a independent software project by Mladen Adamovic launched in May 2009. The research and available data at is not influenced by any governmental organization.
  • The (un) Happy Planet Index 2.0
    The three parameters researched by this organization are life expectancy, life satisfaction and ecological footprint. These characteristics mostly matter if you’re going to move to some country for a long period of time, but they might be useful anyway. At least check out ecology and life satisfaction.
  • Freedom House
    Freedom House Europe is a Hungarian nonprofit organization that plays a unique role in strengthening democracy and supporting human rights in Southeast Europe, the Newly Independent States and the greater European Neighborhood. Sometimes a country you would like to go to is very attractive in many ways, but it’s important to know if it’s safe there and if can you express yourself in that region or not.

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