Free vector tibetan syllables pack

Hey guys! As I told you before I’ve been to an amazing Buddhist retreat about two weeks ago. Now I do my practice every day and it merges into my art too.

This is the reason why today’s freebie pack consists of five tibetan syllables: OM, HUM, TRAM, HRI and AH. You can use these designs as objects for visual meditation or include ’em into your own artworks.

Below are the syllables. You can click each one to see the bigger image.


Free vector tibetan syllable OM by Andrei Verner

OM on Wikipedia.


Free vector tibetan syllable HUM by Andrei Verner


Free vector tibetan syllable TRAM by Andrei Verner


Free vector tibetan syllable by HRI Andrei Verner


Free vector tibetan syllable AH by Andrei Verner

You can click the button below to download the free vector tibetan syllables pack that consists of EPS 8 and high resolution JPG files. You can use these files both personally and commercially as long as it is legal.

download the free vector tibetan syllables pack by Andrei Verner

Unfortunately there is no real short description for any of these syllables. If you are interested in Buddhist teachings take a look at doctor Berzin’s archive. It is really brilliant and very useful.

See you later!)

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