Psychedelic 3D sculptures by Martinakis Adam

Hey everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. :) Here comes my new inspiration post.

Today feature is a bit different from the previous ones. Martinakis Adam is 3D artist from Greece. His art is very minimalistic in color and very emotional at the same time. You’ll find 6 amazing psychedelic 3D artworks and a video with some closeups within the post. Enjoy!

You can click every image to see the bigger version.

The headache by Martinakis Adam
The nature of the golden age by Martinakis Adam
The point of no return by Martinakis Adam
Wet balance by Martinakis Adam
Crystal nightmare by Martinakis Adam
Accept and deny by Martinakis Adam

Here is the video with many Adam’s artworks and closeups with fine details.

Please take a look at Martinakis Adam’s gallery on DeviantArt. There are several stereoscopic pictures that require red/cyan glasses. ;)

See you later this week – some free psychedelic stock is coming.

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