Club Interior – App Update

3D-Preview App Update - Club Interior

What did it look like before?

When we first started developing this 3D-Preview App we hired a freelancer to do the club environments. And truth be told they were far from perfect – the interiors were there but the overall feel was pretty odd – as if the freelancer has really never been to a club. Below is our second video tutorial on using the app and it features one of two club interiors we have now.

What did we fix?

First of all we fixed the lights – now you can see the designs without this weird color adjustment that you can still see in the other club interior 😅

Then we got rid of strange light panels on the walls and disco-lights that were not really contributing anything to the interior and only broke down the composition. And we added a figure of a DJ for the scale (thanks to one of our first users to suggest that!). Couldn’t help ourselves and added our logo on the speakers haha.

What’s next?

We still have issues with some of the models – they look empty from behind. You can see this bug on the image below, there is only contour of the decoration in front of the DJ and no artwork. In the near future we will fix the other club and the open air environments and there will also be a UI/UX update that will make things a bit easier to use.

You can help us!

Test the App (on our testing ground – yourself and let us know what you enjoyed, what you found frustrating and what features you think will make the app better 🤘

You can simply reply to this email or reach out to us via Facebook and Instagram.

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