Custom Decorations Request

Custom Decorations Request

2023 was pretty intensive and we are ready to rock 2024!

This year we will continue doing what we do best – create amazing psychedelic decorations for your events! But we are going to try a different format this time. We will still be releasing collections (most likely 1 every 6 months) but we are now open for custom orders. Every month there will be at least 4 slots to request a custom design (it will be AI-based with manual adjustments, otherwise we won’t be able to provide this offer). It won’t be a classic freelancer-customer transaction because we are not going to charge you for the design service. These are the steps for such projects:

  1. You provide us some reference images and a general description of what you are aiming for.
  2. We provide 2 design options for you to choose from.
  3. You pick 1 and you can ask for some minor adjustments.
  4. We show you the result and if you are happy with it you place the order for the decoration. We will add the design we created to our store in month after you present it to your audience in case you have a certain date you want to use the decoration for the first time.
  5. If you don’t like it – no questions asked, we are just adding this design to our store right away. You can buy it later if you change your mind.

We will need 1-2 weeks to present you the design options, another 1-2 weeks to produce the decorations and 1-2 weeks to deliver. So depending on our current load and your geographical location it will take 3-6 weeks from the day you submit the design request to the day you will be holding the decorations in your hands 🤘

Fill out the form below to send us a Custom Decorations Request!

We will get to you as soon as possible! ❤️

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