3D Preview App Update – The Team

3D-Preview App Development Work in Progress - Canopy in an open air setting

When I (Andrei Verner) decided to bring the 3D Preview app to life it was obvious I couldn’t do it myself. So a few months I started looking for freelancers to do 3D modeling, environment design, programming in Unity (the game engine) and connecting the app to the website. 

The first guy I hired to do the basic models for our canopies tried his best but unfortunately the results were unsatisfying. Luckily I found two other freelancers who were doing a much better job. So now it looks like we will be working with them long-term.

3D-Preview App Development Work in Progress - Canopy in a club interior

The freelancer who did the first 4 environments (the locations where the decorations will be previewed) did an OK job but I felt he is not a good culture fit in a sense that he doesn’t have the experience of going to trance parties and festivals so it was hard for him to capture the right atmosphere. The images you see in this post have the backgrounds that he did. You can notice that they feel a bit more like a casual game rather than real-life locations. We will certainly fix them along the way. Most likely with the help of one of the modelers who is also experienced with Unity where the scenes are put together.

The programmer I hired turned out to be awesome! He has waaaay more experience in building apps than I do so it’s great to work with him on this projects. He brings up issues that I would never think of, he proposes different UI/UX solutions and he is generally easy to communicate with.

Next week there will be a post about the current state of the UI development of the app.

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