Plans for the next 3 months

Mystic Spores - UV-Triangles Decorations - Photo in UV-Light

We have a few announcements for the upcoming 3 months.

New Collection Presale at a 20% discount.

A couple of months ago when we were switching to the new size chart I asked Midjourney AI to do an illustration for one our posts and one of our customers Holly asked if we can produce decorations with this kind of art. So one thing led to another and I started to work on a new collection. Right now we have 3 UV-Triangle designs and 1 UV-Petal design ready for printing and a DJ stage design that is close to be completed. By the end of April 2 more UV-Petal designs, 3 UV-Diamond designs and 3 UV-Hexagon designs will be completed.

Mystic Spores - UV-Triangles Decorations - Photo in UV-Light

We will be adding sets of this collection to our store as they are designed – one by one. While this collection is in development you can buy its sets at a 20% discount. This offer is valid until April 30 so don’t hesitate 🤘

Party in Serbia with Global Sect

This June we are going to do an open air party together with our long time partners Global Sect Music in Serbia! This is going to be a relatively small gathering – most likely under 300 people in a beautiful location near Novi Sad. We are going to use elements from the new collection to decorate this event. We will be happy to see you at the gathering! Regular updates regarding this party will follow.

Party with Global Sect Music in Serbia in June 2023

App development

This has been a long time coming. Since the beginning of this decorations project 3 years ago we have been heavily using 3D previews to showcase our new products that were not photographed yet. These previews were OK but they were static. So a few months ago we started working with 3D modelers to enhance our previews and with a Unity developer to create an app that will help you to envision better how the decorations will look in reality. The release of the Alpha version will be on June 30th 2023.

Preview System App - Room interior.

Website Blog and Newsletter

For the last few months we were posting updates about our project almost daily on Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately thanks to how the system works not all of our followers had a chance to see some exciting updates such as giveaway contests. So we decided to do a weekly Newsletter with the most important stuff in a form of a digest. Subscribe to our Newsletter so that you won’t miss a thing!

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