About me

Greetings! My name is Andrei Verner. I’m a digital nomad psychedelic artist from Moscow, Russia.

I have a specialist degree in graphic design (that means I have studied for 6 years graphic design, drawing, painting and other artistic disciplines). I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for almost 10 years now. 

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My lifestyle

There are some things in my life that I do regulary beside art that influence me in a good way and I believe anyone will benefit if applies ’em.

Plant-based diet

More and more researches come out that say plant-based diet is beneficial for human body. Plus it is more ethical that makes it good for ones mind too. That’s why I stick to it.

Nomadic life

I love to move from one place to another (but not to often) so I rarely live in one country for more than one year.

Helping others

I donate about 5% of my income to non-profit organisations that try to improve our world. I know it is not that much but it helps me stay connected with numerous people on this planet.


I’ve started my first compost in 2014 and have even grown plenty of tomatoes with its help :)


Making ecobricks is a great way to recycle plastic waste. There is no plastic recycling facility in my area and ecobricking prevents me from poluting the environment.


I’m not a big fan of fictional literature. I like getting information that I can apply in my daily life. The books I read are mostly about self-improvement.

My psychedelic art shop

My other occupation is my psychedelic art shop where I sell fluorescent trippy t-shirts and backdrops with the designs I make. 

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