About Andrei Verner

Andrei Verner was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and he has started his artistic journey as soon as he could hold and use a pencil – around the age of 2. Growing in collapsing Soviet Union and later in renovating Russia he was heavily influenced by American cartoons and specially by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Andrei was a self-taught artist till the age of 18 when he has started studying Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Typography and Graphic Design in one of Moscow’s universities – his professional education took him about 6 years.

A year after graduation in 2009 Andrei has started his digital nomad life by moving to Thailand with his girlfriend (now wife) for 5 months. During next couple of years he was mostly doing graphic design projects with rare exceptions for illustrations but later he has become a full-time freelance illustrator working with psytrance producers, labels and promoters – primarily on album covers.

Being an ambitious artist Andrei was creating a collection of personal psychedelic art projects and luckily he has found an opportunity to print them with UV-reactive inks so his fans could decorate their space with Andrei’s art. Now Andrei Verner is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is still working as a freelance artist and he has started producing stage decorations for underground HiTech Trance events in Israel.

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