Lord Hanuman Colored Version

Hey guys! How is it going? I have completed Lord Hanuman in color and I’m very happy to share it with you!

The Process

It took me almost a month to complete this artwork but it was 100% worth it. Making the black and white version was very interesting in terms of designing the whole canvas and tuning in all the small details.

Coloring it a totally different experience – super intuitive and vivid! Maybe this is why I’ve ended up with one of the color schemes that I use pretty often. One of my friends has even told me something like “this is a classic Andrei Verner”. And I do remember making similar art back in 2007-8 but it was on a such smaller scale back then.

Final Version

Without further ado I present you Lord Hanuman!
Lord Hanuman Psychedelic Art Fluorescent Design Tapestry

What’s next?

First of all, there is a chance I might be making another coloring of this artwork in a more subtle way. Something earthy, more natural you know…

I will also release the wallpaper and the promo-pack of the month with this design on July 15th. It will be available only to my subscribers for a limited time – till August 15th so feel free to join my newsletter to get access to these exclusive freebies! You can see a subscription box on the bottom of your screen ;)

If you like this artwork you can buy a UV-reactive tapestry with it in my Etsy store with 15% discount till July 10th.

Lord Hanuman Psychedelic Art Fluorescent Design Tapestry in the interior preview

P.S. I will start working on my new artwork soon so stay tuned! :)

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