Illumination psychedelic party poster design

Illumination Poster

Hey guys! Check out the psychedelic party poster design I did for Earthstar. This design is quite experimental for me ’cause it’s a mixture of vector and raster art. You’ll find the final artwork and the vector background within the post.

Illumination psychedelic party poster background

I did this vector art using custom brush and lot’s work with gradient fills and transparency.
Some raster effects like Inner and Outer glow were used too.

Illumination psychedelic party poster design

It’s sort of hard to notice, but I’ve used this image of a lotus flower to create the glow behind the Earthstar logo.

Here you can find information about the upcoming party.

5 thoughts on “Illumination psychedelic party poster design

    • Andrei Verner says:

      That’s quite a challenge but I’ll try)) I’ve made this poster quite a ling time ago and might not remember all the details of how I did it. Anyway, I hope I can make it by the end of December.

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