Psychedelic art music album covers #6

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any psychedelic album covers showcase. So here are 5 nice pieces of art. You might have already seen some of them ’cause the music they decorate is really cool and well known. Anyway, enjoy the set!

Goasia - Dancing With The Blue Spirit
Goasia – Dancing With The Blue Spirit
art by Gregory Gallo

Eraser vs. Yöjalka – Evsylocybine
Eraser vs. Yöjalka – Evsylocybine

artist unknown

Afgin - Astral Experience
Afgin – Astral Experience
art by Margot Schaefer

Squaremeat - Astronomical Coffee Break
Squaremeat – Astronomical Coffee Break
art by Seth Fisher / Flowering nose

Salakavala - Fractal Fishing
Salakavala – Fractal Fishing

art by Jussi Uusihakala

As you can see, I could not find Jussi Uusihakala’s page and the artist who did EvsY’s “Evsylocybine”. If you know how to find these guys, please leave a comment or email me.

2 thoughts on “Psychedelic art music album covers #6

  1. Anima says:

    Салакавалы надо целиком обложку смотреть, очень круто сзади на диджипаке тоже =)

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