Central Park single psychedelic cover art

Hey there! Today I’m going to show you one of my recent projects – a psychedelic cover art for a pop-rock single “Central Park” by RKDO Rivera & Patrick James.

You’ll find a sketch and the final version of the cover within the post. And the song too!)

You can click both images to see the larger versions.

Central Park single psychedelic cover sketch by Andrei Verner

We’ve decided to put John Lennon’s monument on the background instead of the stupid heart-shaped flowerbed. :)

Central Park single psychedelic cover art by Andrei Verner

I’ve enjoyed this collaboration a lot – Arcadio is very professional both in music and communication. It’s always a great pleasure when everything is planned well and a project goes on smoothly.

You can listen to other songs by RKDO Rivera on his Souncloud page

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