Lively and joyful traditional psychedelic art by Teri Gaddie

Hi everyone! I have not posted any traditional art posts for a while. Today I’ve stumbled upon very lively and joyful art by Terri Gaddie. I think these two qualities are very important in psychedelic art. Positive emotions and love spark from inside of Terri’s drawings – or at least that’s what I feel and wish you all enjoy them too!

The original files are not very big so this time the images below are not clickable. Sorry guys.

April ninth by Terri Gaddie

Little lady neptune by Terri Gaddie

Phase by Terri Gaddie

Alien Dusk by Terri Gaddie

The Anti Dreamer by Terri Gaddie

Check out more of Terri Gaddie’s art on her DA page.

Here you can find more traditional psychedelic art featured in my blog.

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