New Size Chart

2023 is the 3rd year of our lycra party decorations project and the time has come to update the size chart. There were a few reasons to do it:

  1. There was a certain inconsistency between petals and all other shapes in terms of size.
  2. The position of the loops was also not the best in terms of connecting smaller elements to larger ones.
  3. Our production partners in the US had one size chart and we had another so every once in a while we thought we were ordering one thing and they thought we wanted another. So to avoid that we had to accept their sizes.
  4. Every time we placed an order with our production partners they had to manually write an invoice and this was another step that was extending the production time and it increased the possibility of a human error. Now we will be placing most of orders through their website and it should speed up the process a bit.

So having all this in mind all of our products are based on the 50cm (20in) distance between the loops that we use for connecting elements to one another. Below you can see sizes at a safe stretch of our 4 basic shapes – triangles, diamonds, hexagons and petals.

And here you can see how different shapes and sizes can be seamlessly combined together.

We really hope this size chart change will improve your experience with our products and we are looking forward to producing new sets for you! ❤️🤘

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