New Semi-Transparent Mesh Decorations

New Semi-Transparent Mesh Decorations - Blog Post - Header Image

😈 We have recently started printing on a new semi-transparent mesh fabric!

💚 Our buddy and customer Dj Reza Edge has recently got the first semi-transparent mesh UV-Triangles and used them for decorating a party by in Toronto, Canada! 🤘

❤️ If you are looking for decorating some badass decorations on the East Coast of the US and Canada you know who reach out to!

🔥 Featured decorations – for the backdrop is a huge print of the “Lord Hanuman” artwork, semi-transparent mesh UV-Triangles KL-TR02 from the “Kali in Acidland” collection and the tapestry in front of the DJ is by Space Tribe.

🤘 The production price will be the same as for regular lycra prints with one limit to elements that are made from one piece of fabric and not sewn together from multiple parts. But if you need a large element that has some parts semi-transparent and some solid we can do this mix of mesh and lycra.

❓ For which collection do you want to see the next semi-transparent designs? Let us know in the comments!

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